Destructive Criticism

"Destructive Criticism" by Greg Alder

When people offer “constructive criticism”, they are offering the impossible.

Criticism isn’t constructive. It is destructive. It doesn’t build on an idea to make it better. It undermines the idea to the point where it collapses.

The people who offer constructive criticism are the same people who react to new ideas with phrases like “we tried that before and it doesn’t work” or “it sounds expensive” or “our customers will never go for it”.

If they don’t comprehend a new idea, if it doesn’t immediately appeal to them, they dismiss it.

If you have people like this in your business, you need to get rid of them – or at the very least remove them from areas of influence. They are holding you back, crippling the creative process and preventing the innovations that are the lifeblood of business.

What you need are people who seek explanations of new, incomprehensible ideas until they understand them.

You need people who look for ways make an impossible idea possible.

You need people who look for ways to make an expensive idea affordable.

The next time someone offers you some “constructive criticism”, say “No thanks.”

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