Ignornance and Bliss - image for article by Greg Alder

Ignorance and Bliss


If ignorance is bliss, what is knowledge? Is knowledge the antithesis of ignorance? Is knowledge hell? Or is it something altogether different? Can ignorance and knowledge coexist? I have been philosophising on this topic as a result of two recent…

Are you dead? Article by Greg Alder

Are you dead?


If you’re reading this, your heart’s still beating. Blood still courses through your arteries. It’s safe to say you’re alive. Or is it? Is it possible to be living but also dead? To illustrate my point, I’ll first tell you…

"Plato in your pocket", by Greg Alder

Plato in your pocket


We live in a great period of learning. The Internet has given us unprecedented access to knowledge. We can undertake free courses from Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, MIT. We can access the collections of great museums and libraries around the…