My unborn babies - image for article by Greg Alder

My unborn babies


I don’t know about your mind, but mine’s always coming up with ideas. I act on some of my ideas. Others get filed away for later. I know from experience that ideas that get filed away for later rarely see…

The future belongs to the givers - image for article by Greg Alder

The future belongs to the givers


The world used to belong to the Protectors, but their day has passed. The baton has been passed. Now is the time of the Givers. So who are these people, the Givers and Protectors? The Givers are individuals and companies…

Half a brilliant idea - Article by Greg Alder

Half a brilliant idea


You and I mightn’t have met, but I know this about you: you possess half a big idea (even if you’re not aware of it). Not just half of one idea, but likely hundreds of them. Any one of these…

Last one to leave, turn out the light - Article by Greg Alder

Last one to leave, turn out the light


On the first Tuesday of November each year, Australians spend $200 million on a horse race, the Melbourne Cup. That’s $9 per person. The outcome of the race is uncertain. If it were certain, our $9 would be an investment….

How much genius is enough


What was the cleverest thing about the original iPod? Was it the technology? It was certainly smart. Until the iPod, portable personal music players came in the form of the Sony Discman. Before that, it was the Walkman. The iPod…

'Send In The Wreckers' by Greg Alder

Send in the Wreckers


Bert Lance was Director of the Office of Management and Budget during Jimmy Carter’s presidency. Bert is best known for the phrase, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. Bert’s reason for uttering these words was that by not tinkering…

"Welcome stranger" by Greg Alder

Welcome Stranger


The doorbell rings. If you’re expecting friends, you open the door ready to welcome them in. If you’re not expecting anyone, you’re apprehensive. Is it someone selling something you don’t want? Is it someone who poses a physical threat? If…

Alessi Philippe Starck Hot Bertaa kettle

Everyday Remarkable


What is the connection between a squid and a citrus juicer? A pot plant and a toilet brush? A parrot and a corkscrew? A Viking helmet and a kettle? There’s no obvious connection between any of these things. At least…

"To sell more products, sell Less" by Greg Alder

To Sell More Products, Sell Less


There are a lot of people who reckon bricks and mortar retailing is dead. It isn’t.  What is dead – or deserves to be dead – is the traditional attitude to retailing. The old model was based on inventory. The…

"What is innovation?" by Greg Alder

What is innovation?


We are born. We innovate. At first we have no choice. Everything is a new experience, demanding. Then we go to school. We are taught to conform. We do exams. There are questions to which there’s one acceptable answer. We…