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What happens when the head of a global accountancy partnership sends out a media release with a grammatical error? What happens when a hospital’s website has a spelling mistake in a headline? Or an airline’s website contains typographical errors? Consciously,…

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Welcome Screw A and Screw B


I love self-assembly items. Probably just as well because we live in a flatpack world. It’s not so much the assembly that I love. It’s the instructions. The wackier the better. Maybe it’s because most of my career has been…

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Too many adjectives


A new apartment building boasts ‘quality Miele appliances’. I guess that’s to differentiate them from the other sort of Miele appliances. A news headline announces, ‘Astronomers set to make groundbreaking black hole announcement’. Is groundbreaking physically possible in a black…

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Excellence in non-communication


Bill, the CEO of AcmeCom, receives an email from a trusted consultant. Jill, the consultant, has been guiding the company’s communications for several years. It hasn’t been easy. Being independent, she feels she has insights that those inside the business…

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Please fondle my nether regions


What do you do when a client accuses you of not listening? Well, one response that’s sure to get your client’s full attention is to ask him to fondle your nether regions. I’m being serious here. I’ll explain. At first,…

The Lost Art Of Storytelling

The lost art of storytelling


How does a small retailer fight supermarket monopolies and giant online stores? Supermarkets, department stores and major chains seem to have a few massive advantages over smaller retailers. Economy of scale is one. Purchasing power is another. Distribution is a…