Tech good, people better - image for article by Greg Alder


Last year, the UK’s Brand Experiences teamed up with the Institute of Internal Communication to survey 2,000 people around the world. The goal was to reveal how people feel about their jobs, their bosses, their wellbeing and their productivity. In…

The penis mightier then the sword - image for article by Greg Alder


What happens when the head of a global accountancy partnership sends out a media release with a grammatical error? What happens when a hospital’s website has a spelling mistake in a headline? Or an airline’s website contains typographical errors? Consciously,…

Your chaotic brain - image for article by Greg Alder


Imagine that your brain is a room with a hundred billion mousetraps. Now drop a ping pong ball into that room. What happens? Well, what follows is total chaos. Hundreds of thousands of mousetraps spring wildly into the air. They…

Ideas above your station - image for article by Greg Alder


“She has ideas above her station.” Have you heard this old English phrase? It was a way to keep people in their social classes, to stop them from daring to entertain thoughts that were seen to be the exclusive right…

An optimist falls off a horse - image for article by Greg Alder


There are some excellent reasons for being optimistic. For starters, optimists live longer than pessimists. Psychological analysis of patients at the Mayo Clinic showed that optimists live 19% longer than pessimists – a statistic sure to make pessimists miserable. In…

Welcome Screw A image for article by Greg Alder

Welcome Screw A and Screw B

I love self-assembly items. Probably just as well because we live in a flatpack world. It’s not so much the assembly that I love. It’s the instructions. The wackier the better. Maybe it’s because most of my career has been…

Never paint your nursery yellow - image for article by Greg Alder

Never paint a nursery yellow

Did you know that people who work in predominantly green environments have fewer stomach aches? Too much exposure to red creates anxiety, increases your heart rate and provokes anger. That’s why you see red. If grey is a dominant colour…

Dear Leo your Linkedin Profile sucks - Greg Alder

Dear Leo, your LinkedIn profile sucks

Imagine it’s 1485. You’re recruiting an artist to paint a mural of the last supper on a monastery wall. A man turns up hoping to get the job. He hands you his business card. It reads Leonardo da Vinci, inventor….

Too many adjectives - image for article by Greg Alder

Too many adjectives

A new apartment building boasts ‘quality Miele appliances’. I guess that’s to differentiate them from the other sort of Miele appliances. A news headline announces, ‘Astronomers set to make groundbreaking black hole announcement’. Is groundbreaking physically possible in a black…