Greg Alder

Greg Alder, GregAlderCo

Co-founder and Creative Director, GregAlderCo

Founder & CEO, ReBoot Institute

Greg is a former student of architecture and psychology. He worked in marketing research before the bright lights of advertising beckoned. He has worked as a copywriter and creative director in advertising agencies in Australia, the UK and Mexico.

As well as continuing to develop branding & communication campaigns, Greg empowers clients with techniques to develop ideas on demand, the kind of ideas that lead to business-changing innovations, the kind of ideas that have been proven to improve productivity, reduce sick leave, reduce staff turnover and cut costs.

He helps clients gain valuable insights into their audiences, create original products & services and build engaging brands.

He created SuperSavvy to help Australians make informed choices about their super savings. Late in 2014 he and partners created City of Oz to unite regional Australians into a powerful voice. And in 2016, he has established ReBoot Institute to transform businesses in the retail, tourism, agriculture, SME and community sectors.

Greg has undertaken recent projects for clients in financial services, media, tourism, NFPs, government and numerous regional development authorities.

As well as teaching business owners how to win clients, Greg has written a book to help them keep clients, The Fine Art of Losing Clients.

This is his blog. And here is his website.